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Style Arc Blaire Dress/Shirt Pattern Review

I originally made the dress version of this Style Arc Blaire pattern in February 2020 after looking for a shirt dress pattern to use some fabric I bought at The Stitch Festival. The pattern comes in two size ranges 4-16 or 18-30. It is worth noting the instructions on this pattern are very brief and whilst there are diagrams some are referenced that don’t really exist other than a drawing with an arrow showing where pieces need to be attached. You would probably be ok if you’d previously made a shirt/are an experienced sewer.

Turns out using a slippery tartan viscose fabric wasn’t ideal, though I did manage to pattern match – more luck than judgement in most cases. I was pleased with the result, but there were a few problems along the way - the collar (more on that later) and the button placket. With the button placket I just went by instinct and a bit of You Tube as the instructions were brief.

The dress pattern does have one detail that I really liked, the pockets. These are constructed as part of two modesty panels under the side splits of the dress. I’ve yet to wear this dress but hoping it will become a summer wardrobe staple.

Cut to April 2021. I had some gorgeous leopard print viscose from Guthrie and Ghani that I bought at the aforementioned Stitch Festival but had been too precious about to cut . I was originally going to make the Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress with it but I had made this in a chambray fabric and whilst it fit well it wasn’t my usual style so I’m kind of glad I didn’t. After the realisation that dresses aren’t really my thing, I thought a summer top would better. Whilst looking through my patterns I found the Style Arc Blaire pattern and realised it had a shirt version. Perfect, most of the pattern was already cut out, so I could procrastinate no more!

My main issue with this pattern both times has been the collar. Whilst this is the most explained process in the instructions it doesn’t say that once notches are matched you need to ease the rest of the shirt into the collar. This caught me out the first time and I cut a second longer collar which after some messing about with looked ok. With the shirt I read it a bit differently and realised what needed to be done but bizarrely I ended up with a collar that overlaps if the top button is done up (luckily, I wouldn’t do this so just about get away with it!). I decided to topstitch the collar and button placket in a contrasting black thread which I’m quite pleased with.

I was a bit bemused by the double layer section that makes up the bottom half of the shirt but this may be because I added some length to my shirt as it is quite a cropped so didn't feel it needed it. Also, I had made the dress and the modesty panels were thinner as it's the pockets so I think I imagined something simmilar would be done with the shirt. I don’t think my fabric lent itself well to this detail as the pattern can be seen through the top layer so maybe a plain under layer would’ve been better. On saying that now it’s made I like it as being a white background fabric it means it’s not as see-through and covers a multitude of lockdown sins.

I finished the shirt by adding a fabulous label by Kylie and The Machine. I love these labels, they add a professional touch and are a bit cheeky.

In conclusion I’m happy with the shirt. It is a boxy style so is more voluminous that what I’d usually wear but looks good with skinny jeans. I even had eough fabric left to make another True Bias Ogden Cami. Out of the two patterns I prefer the dress (unusually for me) as it can be worn with leggings/skinny jeans as a tunic or as a summer dress and I can see myself making another, maybe in a plain fabric so the details are more obvious.

My next project is a second pair of Closet Core Patterns Morgan Jeans. I've re-cut the pattern and de-lengthened the rise so hopefully I'll be able to share them with you soon.


Style Arc Blaire Pattern - Amazon

Pink Tartan - Bombay Stores Fabrics

Leopard Print Viscose - Guthrie and Ghani

You Can't Buy This Label - Dot to Dot Haberdashery Etsy

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