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If Not Now...When?

This is my first blog post and probably will be the most personal one. After this I’m sure it will be an occasional blog about sewing projects, sewing problems and recommendations.

A bit about me. Other than sewing, I love film, TV, theatre, Prince (especially 70’s-80’s), True Crime podcasts, drawing, Tatty Devine jewellery, bob haircuts, fancy dress (much to the joy/annoyance of friends), crochet and any game that involves organisation. I am married and have two teenage children.

I have wanted to set up a website to advertise my sewing services for a while now but have suffered from imposter syndrome. Am I good enough to put myself out there? Will people think I’m just a massive show off? Is it worth doing? The answers being yes, probably yes and yes again!

One thing I learnt the hard way last year through the loss of someone very close to me, is life can turn on a pin head. Once the worst has happened, time isn’t something to waste, so why worry? Just get on with it.

With this in mind I felt a need to put some good back out there so early on in lockdown I started making masks for local police after seeing a plea on social media. This in turn led to making scrubs for a local hospital for a while. I also continued making masks and using up my cotton stash until I’d run out and had given away 100 masks for free.

My interest in sewing had been rekindled early in 2019 after leaving my last office-based job.

In 2020 it became an obsession again. I love it, I started making my own clothes again and doing commissions for friends and locals. Word of mouth grew and over the past few months I have been busier than ever with alterations, mask making (now charging due to material costs) and dressmaking commissions. This has driven me on to start advertising my services properly.

So welcome along, have a look around, check out the gallery and bear me in mind for your future sewing needs. J x

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