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Stash Busting

During a sort out of my sewing cupboard last year I realised I had A LOT of small pieces of fabric left over from previous projects. Also, I often get given fabric by family and friends so the cupboard was fit to burst. I love a printed fabric and don't like to throw any pieces away however small.

As I had a few craft fair stalls booked I decided to use up my stash and create some space. The simplest thing to make was purses and zipped pouches. They only need a small amount of fabric and look great. Obviously these fairs never happened so I now have a lot of purses ready for when they do.

It worked, my stash is now down to three manageable (slightly bulging) boxes and I have lots more space for all the lovely fabrics I'm lining up for future projects (once I get over the fact I have to cut them). I must confess I have three fabrics I cannot bear to cut - a gorgeous leopard print viscose from Guthrie and Ghani and two Alexander Henry fabrics from Fabrics Galore all purchased at various sewing shows.

Guthrie and Ghani Fabric
Alexander Henry Fabric
Alexander Henry Fabric

Feel free to comment with any good stash busting projects - I still have those three boxes to use!

J x

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